Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Smurf Outfit

We all love this infamous outfit of Michael Jackson - military Balmain jacket in combination with the Smurf tee.

If you want to rock this ensemble, basically you will need a jacket like this

and one of these black Smurf t-shirts.

Junk Food Smurfs Tee Shirt from soliscompany

Heart Breaker Smurf Tee from Bluenotes
Junk Food Smurf Smurf Smurf in Black Wash from shirts4squirts

Smurf Off t-shirt from 80stees

Smurfs Cartoon T-Shirt from Crazy Dog

Papa Smurf t-shirt from 80stees


  1. This is a really cute look! LOVE IT! Reminds me of the Popeye shirt he wore in the This Is It movie while they are preparing for TWYMMF.

    Your blog is amazing, by the way.

  2. What is a smurf on a shirt MJ