Saturday, August 1, 2009

Italian Vanity Fair Michael Jackson style photoshoot

This photoshoot was made for Italian Vanity Fair last year by Tim Peterson.

The whole set can be seen at the

Thank you, Ciara!


  1. i love this, i love the whole concept on how the photoshoot came about, and the model nailed the poses well, not as a fierce as michael tho, but such an awesome tribute!! i look @ the pics and i get flashback from: black or white/ thriller & scream!! they even did scream! love this. Im going on a 3 week vacation, am sure im going to miss this blog & ontd! :(

  2. the 2 & 6 are flashblacks from???? i get a "human nature" vibe from the 6th one!

  3. to Carol
    I think the second one was generally inspired by Michael's love for military jackets :)
    by the way, you can see more pictures from this photoshoot if you follow the link under the photos, I didn't post them as they seem somewhat creepy to me so I just included the ones I liked the most.
    have a great time on your vacation! :)
    btw I am taking a break from ontd party posts as they are so time consuming thus I lack in sleep muchly lol

  4. This is awesome photoshoot.

  5. love the clothes but...uh....the female model shown here looks freakishly man-ish. soo ummm.....yeah.