Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Bad" how-to

So this time it's about the recreation of probably our favorite Michael look - the one he sported in the Scorcese directed music video "Bad".
That's a really badass look, but it is also a very over-the-top one. The outfit may seem a bit overaccessorized, but that's exactly what this look is about - buckles and straps, heaps of black and tight fit - but just the right amount to show who's bad ;)

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Let's start taking a jacket, like these ones:

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1. Steampunk Buckle Jacket
2. Rag Doll black cotton jacket
3. Multi Strap D-ring Jacket by Gareth Pugh

Next step is a black polo or plain short sleeve shirt:

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1. Basic polo shirt from Wet Seal
2. Black polo from Bon Prix
3. Organic ribbed top from New Look
4. Black linen-bland shirt from Old Navy

And now the key to this look - belts, the more the merrier:

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1. Banana Republic studded double-strap belt
2. Dorothy Perkins black strap waist belt
3. Charlotte Russe Wide Strip Belt
4. Dorothy Perkins black cross waist belt
5. Phi double buckle leather belt
6. Twenty8Twelve Black Double Strap Belt
7. Charlotte Russe Buckled Strap Belt
or layering thinner belts:
8. Rag & Bone studded black belt
9. Forever21 Polished Round Stud Belt
10. Dorothy Perkins black metal hinge belt

Now it's time for some pants:

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1. Skinny tie-dye trousers by Felder Felder
2. Leather look trousers from New Look
3. Black D-ring strap skinny pants by Tripp

or you can play it safe with plain black leggings:

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1. Dorothy Perkins black slinky leggings
2. Forever21 Shine Panel Leggings
3. American Apparel Shiny Legging

and finally shoes, of course there are Balmain and Chloe multi buckle shoes, but here are some cheaper alternatives:

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1. Jeffrey Campbell Biz Buckle Bootie
2. Maud black leather buckle boot
3. Topshop Aztec-studded ankle boot
4. Ash Black Leather Strapover Hightop
5. Asos Leather Suede Buckle Boots


  1. Those ASOS buckle boots are to die for, but they're sold out!! Is there anywhere else to find them?

  2. I have been lokking for this quite a while and I love this! Thank you very much!

  3. Brilliant! you have done it again! Thank you so much for breaking it down, and giving us all starting points.

    I am so glad you have this blog. This is a meeting of the minds. I love Michael, and I LOVE fashion, I am glad that there are others who appreciate his style as much if not more than I do. Ooooh, Thank you, so happy!

    I'm rocking red plaid shirt and red jeans get up! can you do some throwback to oldschool michael in your own time, oh, and put me down as requesting an inspired "don't stop 'til you get enough" look!

    Thanks heaps.

    Peace and love


  4. This is amazing! :) Love it!

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