Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MJ inspired looks

Emilene looking so much like Michael for a "Dress as a Celebrity and Dance" party, her date is "Elizabeth Taylor".

Kim looking fierce dressed as MJ for the This Is It mosaic, her jacket is H&M, pants by Kuyichi, The Beat It shirt from

More looks from Anna - favorite Michael's ensemble of red shirt and black pants.

And her son Elis in a shirt resembling Michael's and aviator glasses.


  1. I'm abt to get that jacket she's wearing in the second picture! I dont know what size to get though. If she's here... Hey! What size is your jacket??!!
    P.S. You look awesome as MJ!! <3

  2. Yes, I'm here! Thanks! It was a lot of fun being MJ for the night (except when I forgot I had the face mask on and tried to take a sip of wine---oops!) My jacket is a large. I usually wear a size 6 dress, and medium top, but the jacket seems to run a little small, especially in the arms. I'd recommend trying a size up for a more comfortable fit.

  3. Oooh that's great !! The 2nd picture is funny ^^

    Today I've done shopping and i've saw so many clothes remembering Michael's style !! I love it.


  4. I recently threw an 80s themed party & went as MJ - here are a few pictures! :) i love how much love you can see in people wanting to dress like him & emulate him - such a gorgeous tribute.


  5. & one more photo, for good measure :)

  6. going to bug you once more! i bought an amazing shirt from palmer cash (

    it's SUPER cute and i've gotten tons of compliments on it. :)

  7. Ashley
    you look so awesome! I will post your pictures on the blog soon ;)
    and that MJ tee is sooo cute, I want one myself :)

  8. I agree, the liquidity is really cool!

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