Sunday, September 13, 2009

Celebrities wearing Michael Jackson inspired clothing

Military jackets obsessions: Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Coldplay band, Becki Newton, Jennifer Hudson, Teyana Taylor

Kate Moss pays her tribute to the King of Pop rocking his trademark black loafers

Kim Kardashian and her Balmain military style vest

Rihanna: red motorcycle jacket, red skinny jeans... "Thriller" inspired?

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  1. i like jhud jacket! she working it. Teyana's looking like a bellboy, but i dont hate it, hello there zippers, i see u :)

  2. I like Lindsay's jacket.
    You can add this on if you want :

    A tribute by Ciara which is obvious ^^ And I really really love the jacket, and the boots makes me think of "Bad" video.
    [sorry if my english isn't perfect, it's because I'm french :)]


  3. Did you see this?

    >> <<

    It would seem though that it was only a teaser cover. I haven't seen any other tribute images either :(
    I think the teaser cover is stunning.

    >> <<

  4. hi Carol :)
    IA JHud looks very effortless in it, without screaming MJ inspired :)

    to anonymous
    thank you for the link, I have seen it before but didn't include it as it was a tribute and she wore it on purpose for that event. She looks great though and I love her shoes, they're very "bad" ;)

    thank you! that cover is amazing

  5. I thought Coldplay's outfits were based on the Beatles.

  6. Rihanna looks chubby in her red skinny pants :)

  7. OH I love Linds and Misha look :) they are well with MJ style

  8. says:

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