Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MJ inspired looks

This is Maria B. who rocked this super cool Michael Jackson inspired outift to a Rockstar party she went to on August 29.

Lovewalk and her fabulous feminine version of the "Smooth Criminal" look.

And here's Anna and her awesome Beat It jacket.


  1. Wouaaaah I love it ! The 3 of them !

    And I've read your reply about Ciara's look and it's OK ^^

    Your blog is awesome !


  2. OMG Where did that first girl get her silver sequin shirt! I want it!!!!

    It's probaly vintage.

    I second the personabove me,
    Your blog is very awesome :)

  3. I asked her the same thing and she told me it was thrifted, so you are right it's actually vintage :)

    Thank you for your nice words <3

  4. Love the post! Inspiring!