Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Clothes Mullet

Michael Jackson was the inventor of the clothes mullet - basically clothes mullet is "work on the front and [pyjama] party on the bottom". I bet it's so comfy yet trendy and creative.
I am sure that this year Halloween the most popular costumes would be the MJ inspired ones and I believe that many of you will rock the infamous clothes mullet as well.

Some designers definitely got inspired by Michael's invention and offered pyjama look this spring

D&G spring 2009 ready to wear

LV spring 2009 ready to wear

bottega veneta spring 2009

Apparently magazine editors got inspired too

images of Michael Jackson from
runway images from


  1. i can't stop staring at his bulgde in the 3rd pic, i'm such a perv. btw found this in a party post on ontd, holllaaa, i love this blog A+

  2. thank you <3
    LOL it's ok bb we all can get perv sometimes, right? ;)

  3. Jeez, these designers really blatanly ripped MJ's clothes mullet style. I wonder if they will give him props for this.

    He looks better than the models in it.

  4. loooooool y/y. & ia with kelly on; he looks better than the models in it!

  5. where can i buy it? lol

  6. do you mean where can you buy clothes mullet? lol
    we will definitely make a post on how to rock a proper clothes mullet look soon ;)

  7. you just can wear your pajama with any Jacket on.. then people will take you somewhere :)

  8. I just found your blog and it is amazing!!!!
    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Michael's style!! He always looked stunning and gorgeous in his outfits!!

    I think I'll dress in "the clothes mullet" and look like Michael!
    I don't really have other MJ style clothes but I will buy some eventually.. including a beat it jacket!
    I do have boots and black jeans though!:D MJ always looked sexy in that!

  9. Wow ! Great work !!!!! ♥
    I looooove !
    I believe he was a fashion pionneer.

    And I'm French so I know what I'm saying when I talk about fashion ! (just kidding ^^)

  10. Michael Jackson was being pretty tacky wearing his pajamas out in public like that, he knows better, he needed to be slapped, that's not cute yuk! ANYWAYS I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM REGARDLESS, BUT HE KNEW BETTER THAN THAT LITTLE TACKY BUM!

  11. Sorry, but have to disagree with you on your statement about the hipster. Hipsters were around in the 1960s and very trendy when MJ was still a kid back in Gary,IN.

  12. I ADORE YOUR BLOG!!!! Totally inspired and Michael is indeed an inspiration!