Saturday, November 21, 2009

MJ inspired looks

Amy and her friend dressed up as Michael Jackson for Halloween. For her Billie Jean costume Amy wore:
Sequin jacket - Forever 21
Fedora - Forever 21
Black pants - American Apparel
Glove - Hot Topic
Loafers - Urban Outfitters.

Jenna and her fierce The Way You Make Me Feel inspired outfit.

Marynel and her "Black or White" meets "Billie Jean" look.



  2. Michael can be the most famous star all over the world and I love his music and dance very much, of course ever try to learn everything about her, and I have to say that you do really good job! So if you can try the Purple High Heel Sandals and the pretty Platform thick heel shoes can be more better!

  3. seen this; its cute, the girl who plays mj look like a black hayden penttr.

  4. Luv it! But Jeana made me stop. I have to do this, gotta correct her. Jeana, the tape goes on the index, the ring, and the pinky finger on the right hand only. Shamone gurl! U know better than that!