Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Billie Jean (music video) how-to

Today we're going to recreate Michael's polished look from the Billie Jean music video.

First - you will need a leather blazer.

1. Leather Blazer from Karmaloop
2. Leather Power Shoulder Blazer from ASOS
3. Boyfriend Leather Blazer from warehouse
4. Leather Blazer from New Look

Step two - classic button shirt in pink. Also you can roll your shirt's sleeves over blazer's like Michael did.

1. Steven Alan Cotton shirt from net-a-porter
2. Raf Simons Classic Cotton Shirt from Browns Fashion
3. Women's Classic Button-Front Shirt from Old Navy

Leather pants to match the blazer:

1. Leather Skinny Pants from Alloy
2. Leather Effect Pants from Oli
3. Leather Skinny Pants from Charlotte Russe

In the video Michael's wearing classic white oxford shoes and socks this time are pink. And don't forget about important detail - a red bowtie :)

1. Wing Tip Oxford from yesstyle
2. Steve Madden 'Tuxxedo' Flat at Nordstrom
3. Colour Burst Cotton Socks from SocksShop
4. 100% Silk Solid Red Bowtie at Amazon


  1. I love this look.

    One of the cutest MJ outfits ever.

    I love when he wear the bowtie... He is just so adorable.

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