Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Curls for my girls" t-shirt from "This Is It"

The shirt Michael's wearing here was given to him by his fan and he actually wore it to the rehearsals of "This Is It"!

It says "Curls for my girls" because, as the fan says, Michael knew that his fans loved his curls :)

You can get one for yourself at


  1. Ohhhh.. those sweat pants.. I loved them the first time I saw them. I mailed Ed Hardy to ask, but I haven't gotten an answer yet. I am desperate to find them.

  2. i like the sweat pants aswell!!! :D:D:D:D and def love the shirt, he looks so comfy

  3. that is an adorable little piece of trivia..
    i love and appreciate this site

  4. Just another little piece of info; the bomber jacket is Schott Nylon Flyer Jacket with safety orange quilted lining. (2 of my friends have them) Unfortunatley, the Schott store on Melrose Avenue is closed and the company has discontinued the style. It looks so good on him! (as does everything.)

  5. So - Just curious - was the Curls For My Girls shirt Michael wore short or long sleeved. It was so cute and am thinking of buying one. Thanks

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  8. "Curls for my girls" t-shirt from "This Is It"

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  9. Aww that was sweet of her to do. I look up to MJ he's such a kind hearted person. Plus he can dance like no other.

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  12. adorable as always. love the shirt on him. and yes, we loved his curls:)

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