Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Clothes Mullet how-to

Michael invented this fierce look called "the clothes mullet" - a combination of pyjama pants and a black blazer. I already posted about it before and you can check it here
I don't know many people that would go out in a blazer and pyjama on a normal day (which shows how cool and I-can-pull-off-anything Michael was), but it's a very unordinary option for a Halloween costume, what do you think?

So first you will need a black blazer:

1. Petite black embroidered stitch jacket from debenhams
2. Black boyfriend jacket from Dorothy Perkins
3. Black Shoulder Detail Blazer from Miss Selfridge
4. Boyfriend Blazer from fredflare

Step 2 - pyjama pants which better be plaid or checked, in greyish or blue shades.

1. Buffalo Plaid Pajama Pants from Charlotte Russe
2. Black Save the Ta-tas Pajama Pant from Torrid
3. Pyjama Bottoms from Peacocks
4. Plaid Pajama Pants from Charlotte Russe
5. Eldridge plaid PJ pants from GAP

Finishing touches - white T-shirt and a pair of black loafers.

1. Plain white T-shirt from 8ball
2. Women's V-Neck Pocket Tee from Old Navy
3. Bright White Tee from Old Navy
4. AK Anne Klein Davis Loafers (Black leather)
5. Deena & Ozzy Chain Suede Loafer from Urban Outfitters


  1. cool but what I'm wondering is who would actually go out in pyjamas? somebody who deffinitely is brave enough to take fashion risks. Mike did ;)

    I used some of your photos for my new fashion blog, check it out - www.christydivine.blogspot.com

  2. heyyy yea;; i have skype: lesterhoax
    or we can talk on msn: iamlesterhoax @ hotmail.com

  3. Yup Michael has always had modelesque body and swagger, he pulls off everything and anything. He makes pajamas and lounge pants look cool and dashing.

  4. I love the style, but maybe they don't have to be real pyjamas. Some checked pants will do.

  5. He has an horrible style =/

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